Gracie Movie Timeline

1. The film’s Producer submits a film budget & length of film in minutes

The budget must include all Production and Marketing (P&A) costs of the film.

2. Producer Calculates Cost Per Frame / Second

Frames are sold in 1 second lots of 25 frames per second. 90 mins = 5,400 seconds

3. DreamCoin Royalty Token Deployed

Dream Coin (DZZZ) Royalty Tokens are deployed. Each coin is valued at USD $1 each and is specific to each film.

4. Token Sale - DreamCoin ERC 20 Royalty Token Generation Event

Investors purchase the Dream Royalty Tokens specific to each film. They receive a pro rata royalty right to the film’s revenues. NB: The maximum that investors can own in the film is 70% as 30% of royalties are allocated to the film’s Producers.

5. Token Sale - DreamCoin ERC 20 ‘Crowdsale’ Token Generation Event

All investors receive a DreamCoin Crowsale token equivalent to the amount they have invested. These are used to claim frames at a later date. In the case of an unaccredited investor, they are only issued Dream Coin ERC 20 Crowdsale token, instead of an ERC 20 Royalty Token. When they collect their ERC 721 Frames, their ERC 20 ‘Crowdsale’ tokens are burned.

6. Private Trading

90 Days after the tokens are issued, tokens can be traded privately. Token owners are then are able to trade their future royalties and the film is now a liquid asset.

7. Film Is Shot & Final Cut Submitted

Final number of film frames / seconds / is submitted.

8. Dream Coin ERC 721 Dream Frame Tokens are Allocated to Investors

Investors use their ERC 20 Crowdsale tokens to claim % of frames in the film. These tokens are burned while ERC 20 Royalty Tokens remain liquid.

9. Claim Frames

Investors can claim frames on a first come, first served basis. The most valuable frames (ie. lead actors, memorable scenes) will be the first claimed and this will create a secondary market for Dream Frames.

10. Trade Frames

12 months after the ERC 20 Royalty Tokens have been issued, frame owners can trade and swap seconds (25 frames in each second ) inside the Dream Frames game.


* During this period investors will be able to buy coins and make bids for frames they want to own.